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has2k1/plotnine: v0.8.0

Hassan Kibirige; Greg Lamp; Jan Katins; gdowding; austin; matthias-k; Tyler Funnell; Florian Finkernagel; Jonas Arnfred; Dan Blanchard; Sergey Astanin; Eric Chiang; Paul Natsuo Kishimoto; Evan Sheehan; stonebig; Bernard Willers; Robert Gibboni; smutch; Yaroslav Halchenko; Pavel; Brian King; Min RK; John Collins; zachcp; Anthony; Bevan Koopman; Carlos H. Grohmann; Dan Becker; Dan Brown; Daniel Saiz

API Changes
  • How you map to calculated aesthetics has changed. Use the ~plotnine.aes.after_stat function. The old methods 'stat(name)' and '' have been deprecated.
New Features
  • You can now map to aesthetics at three different stages. See ~plotnine.aes.aes, ~plotnine.aes.after_stat, ~plotnine.aes.after_scale and ~plotnine.aes.stage.
  • ~plotnine.geoms.geom_violin gained the a new parameter style with which you can draw half violin (density curve on one side and flat on the other).
  • Added ~plotnine.geoms.geom_raster.
  • geoms gained new parameter raster for the ~plotnine.layer.Layer. You can use it to rasterize any layer when the resulting plot is of vector format e.g. pdf.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where some plots with a colorbar would fail for specific themes. (424)
  • Fixed ~plotnine.geoms.geom_map to plot MultiLineString geom types.
  • Fixed ~plotnine.geoms.geom_text to allow any order of mapping and data positional arguments.
  • Fixed bug were the plotted image may have ignored theming that relied on some Matplotlib rcParams. (451)
  • Fixed the weight aesthetic in ~plotnine.geoms.geom_boxplot, previously ignored it is now recognised. (438)
  • Fixed ~plotnine.geoms.annotation_logticks and ~plotnine.geoms.annotation_stripes to work without global data and aesthetics. (469)
  • Fix ~plotnine.scales.scale_shape_discrete when print many unfilled shapes not to assign the same shapes to more than one group. (473)
  • Fixed bug in ~plotnine.stats.stat_ellipse where the center of the ellipse assuming a multivariate t-distribution was incorrectly calculated. (493)
  • Fixed calculation of ndensity in ~plotnine.stats.stat_bin. (494)
  • Manual scales now match the values of the breaks if the breaks are given. (445)

  • Using print to show a ggplot object will not show the hash (<ggplot: ...>) anymore. There is now a difference between repr(p) and str(p). (453)

  • Added option to for the base_family of a theme, now you can set it once with and have it be applied to all themes. (436)

    from plotnine.options import set_option
    set_option('base_family', 'Comic Sans MS')
  • You can now add None to a ggplot, doing so returns a copy of the the ggplot object. (474)

  • Better handling of multiline facet labels. (484)

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