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raphaelvallat/yasa: v0.4.1

Raphael Vallat; Nikola Jajcay

New functions

Added yasa.topoplot(), a wrapper around mne.viz.plot_topomap(). See 15_topoplot.ipynb.


  • The default frequency range for slow-waves in yasa.sw_detect() is now 0.3-1.5 Hz instead of 0.3-2 Hz. Indeed, most slow-waves have a frequency below 1Hz. This may result in slightly different coupling values when coupling=True so make sure to homogenize your slow-waves detection pipeline across all nights in your dataset.
  • yasa.trimbothstd() now handles missing values in input array.
  • yasa.bandpower_from_psd() and yasa.bandpower_from_psd_ndarray() now print a warning if the PSD contains negative values. See issue 29.
  • Upon loading, YASA will now use the outdated package to check and warn the user if a newer stable version is available.
  • YASA now uses the AntroPy package to calculate non-linear features in the automatic sleep staging module. Previously, YASA was using EntroPy, which could not be installed using pip.

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