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Organic micropollutants and heavy metals in stormwater runoff of five different catchment types in Berlin (Germany)

Wicke, Daniel; Matzinger, Andreas; Sonnenberg, Hauke; Caradot, Nicolas; Schubert, Rabea-Luisa; Rouault, Pascale; Dünnbier, Uwe; Heinzmann, Bernd; von Seggern, Dörthe

This dataset includes concentrations of micropollutants (67), heavy metals (8) and standard parameters (9) for stormwater runoff taken from separated sewers of five catchments between 3 and 37 ha in Berlin (Germany). Samples were taken as part of the OgRe research project of Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin ( in 2014 and 2015. Sampling and analytical methods are detailed in "Concentrations of micropollutants in urban stormwater runoff of different land uses" ( A dataset with concentrations of the urban stream Panke in Berlin during dry and wet weather (samples were taken as part of the same project) is available separately (

Description of fields:

  • SampleID: unique sampe identifier
  • SiteID: unique site identifier (catchment type)
    •  1 - OLD: area with typical five-storey perimeter blocks built between 1870 and 1930 (31 ha)
    •  2 - NEW: newer area of 4-8-storey concrete slab buildings built between 1960 and 1980 (16 ha)
    •  3 - STR: 1.3 km of a busy streeat with intersection with traffic lights and bus stops (3 ha)
    •  4 - OFH: a residential area characterized by one-family houses and villas with gardens (17 ha)
    •  5 - COM: a commercial and industrial area of high imperviousness with large flat-roof buildings and yards (37 ha)
    •  6 - PNK: urban stream Panke (characterized by strong stormwater inputs from separate sewer discharges - available in separate dataset)
  • LocalDateTime: start time of sampling (local)
  • DateTimeUTC: start time of sampling (UTC)
  • UTCOffset: UTC offset to local time in h
  • SampleType: either "composite" for volume proportional composite sample (all samples from storm sewers) or "single" for grab sample (all stream samples, separate dataset)
  • VariableName: name of analysed substance/parameter
  • UnitsAbbreviation: either "ug/L" (microgram per litre) or "mg/L" (milligram per litre)
  • CensorCode: either "lt" (less than) for concentration below detection limit (value is detection limit) or "nc" (not censored) for concentration above detection limit
  • DataValue: measured value (if censor code is lt, value indicates detection limit)

One data file is provided in comma separated format:

  • "OgRe_drain.csv" contains concentrations of all stormwater runoff samples taken in separate storm sewers
The study was financed through Berlin Environmental Relief Programme II (11409 UEPII/2) with funds of the European Regional Development Fund and Veolia Eau, which is greatly acknowledged.
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