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Microbial 16S rRNA gene (DNA) and transcripts (cDNA) along a boreal soil-freshwater-estuary continuum

Stadler, Masumi; Ruiz-González, Clara; Vick-Majors, Trista J; del Giorgio, Paul A

Data collector(s)
Rust, Felipe; Ducharme, Alexandre; Hutchins, Ryan; Gerardin, Marie Laure; Hotchkiss, Erin; Desrosiers, Karelle; Demers, Martin; Blais, Sara Mercier; Jakobsson, Julia; del Giorgio, Francesca; Chabot, Brenden; Dugas, Sebastian; Ouimet, Pascal
Data curator(s)
Parkes, Alice H
Project manager(s)
St-Pierre, Annick; Paquet, Serge

This repository stores the processed files of the 16S rRNA sequencing reads (DNA and cDNA) of the La Romaine project, which were processed through the DADA2 pipeline. Files are '.rds' files and/or '.csv' files readable by the open statistical software R. The project is part of the Industrial Research Chair in Carbon Biogeochemistry in Boreal Aquatic systems (CarBBAS Chair) led by Paul A. del Giorgio.

Samples were pooled by plate ID and season to be processed by DADA2. The number before each '*_seqtab.rds' file corresponds to a pool. ID details are in "splitdf_new.rds".

Raw sequences can be found on SRA under the Bioproject number: PRJNA693020. Intermediate processing files are stored here. And scripts are available on Github.

Files are being uploaded as manuscripts are published.

Currently available files:

  • 2015-2017: 16S rRNA gene and transcripts (DNA and cDNA) in spring, summer, autumn (shallow sequencing)
    • Part of the manuscript: "Terrestrial connectivity, upstream aquatic history and seasonality shape bacterial community assembly within a large boreal aquatic network". The ISME Journal. 2021.
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