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Web collection NL-blogosfeer

P. de Bode; I. Geldermans; K. Teszelszky

In 2018 I, Iris Geldermans, worked as an intern for the KB – National Library of the Netherlands to form a collection of Dutch weblogs for the webarchive named the NL-blogosfeer. For more information about the collection please visit


In 2018 a collection of websites was made with some metadata that was manually added. In this Excel document you can find the following metadata information (in Dutch): 

  • indexnr
  • Date added to the WCT  [WebCuratorTool, the harvest tool we use]
  • Date in case the website was already in the WCT
  • Geselecteerd via
  • bronbestand    
  • webadress (URL)    
  • Webpage (URI)    
  • Website sold / link removed [please be mindful that the dataset has not been updated since 2018 so information can be dated!]
  • Name
  • Theme / Genre
  • Multiple authors
  • Format
  • Date blog started
  • Special collection
  • Other special collection(s)

For more information about the metadata columns see chapter 5 and 8 in the collection description. 

In 2018 a collection description was written in Dutch: it was updated slightly for publication in 2020-2021

In 2020 the collection of the NL-blogosfeer websites (urls) was extracted from the webarchive with some metadata added automatic. In this Excel document you can find the following metadata information (in Dutch): 

  • Selection date
  • Name
  • URL
  • Status (is it still online)
  • Web collection(s) it is a part of
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