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Data and models for Blue Brain Search

Casalegno, Francesco; Delattre, Emilie; Fonta, Pierre-Alexandre; Krepl, Jan; Logette, Emmanuelle; Lorin, Charlotte; Schmidt, Stanislav

This archive contains the data and models for Blue Brain Search.

They are in the format of a DVC remote.

Indeed, Blue Brain Search uses DVC to track machine learning models and datasets and to make them shareable and reproducible.


Each archive corresponds to a specific version of Blue Brain Search.

Please note that the archive for v0.1.0 is 4.3 GB once extracted.


The instructions to create an archive for a new version of Blue Brain Search is as follow:

git clone --depth 1 --branch <version>

cd Search

dvc pull

cd .dvc

mv cache bbs_dvc_remote

tar -czf bbs_dvc_remote.tar.gz bbs_dvc_remote

For v0.1.0, this takes around ~3 mins 15 to create the archive.

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