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Destination exoplanet: Habitability conditions influenced by stellar winds properties

Chebly, Judy J.; Alvarado-Gómez, Julián D.; Poppenhaeger, Katja

The most abundant stars in the universe - cool stars - have stellar winds. The importance of these magnetized winds is not confined to one area of study, it spans regulating processes in astrophysics such as magnetic activity and rotational evolution of stars to processes shaping exoplanet atmospheres. We are using one of the most detailed solar models that exist to date (the Space Weather Modelling Framework) and apply it to stellar winds. In this preliminary study we focus on how the magnetic field geometry affects the stellar wind properties to better understand star-planet interaction. In order to fulfill this objective, we are creating a comprehensive grid of numerical models by varying different parameters, among them the stellar rotation period, magnetic field strength, and the field geometry. Here we show results from the variation of the magnetic field geometry and strength. We find that the Alfvén surface is larger for stronger and less complex fields, and the wind speed increases for stronger magnetic fields. For further investigation, we will continue exploring the grid of parameters with the ultimate goal of putting constraints on planetary habitability.

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