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New data on the Caribbean Triphoridae (Caenogastropoda, Triphoroidea) with the description of 26 new species

Rolán, Emilio; Fernández-Garcés, Raúl

In the present work 68 taxa of the family Triphoridae from the Caribbean and adjacent areas are studied. Comments are also provided on one invalid taxon and on another that has been erroneously reported from this area. Among these, 30 were previously known species and 26 are described as new (Metaxia propinqua, M. propria, M. prompta, Isotriphora guanahacabibes, Eutriphora auffenbergi, Marshallora ostenta, Marshallora apexdiversus, Inella pseudolongissima, I. noduloides, I. apexbilirata, I. harryleei, I. undebermuda, I. pseudotorticula, I. differens, I. slapcinskyi, I. faberi, Sagenotriphora candidula, “T.” inaudita, “T.” pseudonovem, T.” yociusi, T.” guadaloupensis, “T.” amicorum, “T.” turtlebayensis, “T.” grenadensis, “T.” abacoensis and “T.” portoricensis). Twelve species remain unnamed or are tentatively identified, due to scarcity or inadequacy of available material, or doubtful specific assignment. New information is reported for Monophorus olivaceus (Dall, 1889) and Sagenotriphora osclausum (Rolán and Fernández-Garcés, 1995) already treated in previous works.
Lectotypes are designated and figured for the following species Inella bigemma (Watson, 1880), Inella inflata (Watson, 1880), Inella longissima (Dall, 1881), Inella triserialis (Dall, 1881), Inella intermedia (Dall, 1881), Inella ibex (Dall, 1881), Inella torticula (Dall, 1881), Inella colon (Dall, 1881), Inella compsa (Dall, 1927), Inella enopla (Dall, 1927), Inella meteora (Dall, 1927), Inella pompona (Dall, 1927), Inella dinea (Dall, 1927), Inella sentoma (Dall, 1927), Inella gaesona (Dall, 1927), “Triphora” cylindrella (Dall, 1927), “Triphora” abrupta (Dall, 1881), “Triphora” caracca Dall, 1927, “Triphora” georgiana Dall, 1927, “Triphoraindigena Dall, 1927, “Triphora” lilacina (Dall, 1889), “Triphorapyrrha Henderson and Bartsch, 1914, Triphoraatlantica (E. A. Smith, 1890) and for the western Atlantic species Triphora aspera Jeffreys, 1885.
A list of the names employed for Caribbean species of Triphoridae is given, mentioning mistakes and synonymies.

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