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LandSense Citizen Observatory user guidelines and training material

Batič, Matej; Matheus, Andreas

LandSense has implemented various tools, applications and services to promote the implementation of citizen science/crowdsourcing campaigns, assessing the quality of citizen observations and other associated tasks in the domain of land use and land cover monitoring. Some of the tools were provided by consortium partners, and will be continued afterwards independently of LandSense, some will be sustained by other European (or other) projects, and a few have been open sourced for broad accessibility.

The deliverable summarizes these tools and applications and provides users with guidelines and training material on how to use them. All of the tools are accessible through LandSense Engagement Platform (LEP,, mostly through “Campaigns” and “Innovate” sections.

A large part of the deliverable is dedicated to the LandSense Authorization service, which glues the federation of these tools and services together and provides a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant framework for citizen science data collection. The online demonstration application, available on the LEP, gives contributors a clear insight into what (personal) data is shared with an application (and between them) based on different scopes. The pillar services change detection and quality assurance (QA) and control services, are presented together with instructions on how to use them or install and run your own (in case of QA service). Finally, a quick overview of the (LandSense) applications and partners’ tools that will continue after the end of the project is indicated to make this deliverable a compendium of LandSense applications, tools and services.

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