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Handbook Twitter for Research, 2015 / 2016

Levallois, Clement; Mata, Tiago; Marchand, Morgane; Panisson, Andre; Fausto, Sibele; Aventurier, Pascal; Schmitt, Eglantine; Gauthier, Michael; Guille, Adrien; Rico, Fabien; Deseille, Anthony; Menichinelli, Massimo; Oostdijk, Nelleke; van Halteren, Hans; Lagarde-Belleville, Camille; Otell, Michel; Curtis, Lucill J.; Severo, Marta; Giraud, Timothee; Pecout, Hughes; Shah, Ritesh; Boitet, Christian; Bhattacharyya, Pushpak; Goveia, Fabio; Carreira, Lia; Cypriano, Lucas; Gasparini, Tasso; Honorato, Johanna; Haacke, Veronica; Lopes, Willian; Ruiter, Grace A.; Bromley, Josephine; Andriuzzi, Andria

This handbook published by EMLYON Press gathers recent studies where data collected from Twitter helped explore fascinating questions in linguistics, marketing, urban studies and beyond.

It comprises 13 chapters written by an international group of academics who participated in the conference "Twitter for Research" organized by EMLYON Business School in Lyon, France in April 2015. 

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