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OpenEMS/openems: 2021.2.0

Stefan Feilmeier; wgerbl; ebakir; fabianfnc; huseyinsaht; pooran-c; Max Obermeier; sebastianasen; Sagar; Kyle; luzpaz; Lisa Kaindl; ahummelsberger; lukas-bender-rodriguez; AlexanderHollandFenecon; Leonid Verhovskij; Martin Grüning; greemo; Christian Lehne; Denis Jasselette; Andreas Fischer; Anita4Schmid; Ante Braovic; WolfgangMiethaner; angular-cli; denis-jidovtseff-jc; fgarlin


  • Add Zenodo Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for scientific referencing If you use OpenEMS in your scientific research, please use our Zenodo Digital Object Identifier (DOI) as reference:
  • UI: Add Delayed Sell To Grid Widgets (#1369)
  • Lots of improvements on Batteries, Battery-Inverters and Generic-ESS (see below for details)
Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  • UI: Historiy Consumption Fix 7e9a9e12f62938269b4d8fab01dc2e431305e2cc: show correct energy values for other consumption
  • Fix controller behaviour in case of unavailable values (#1365)
    • This commit replaces orElse() method calls with getOrError(). In case of unavailable (UNDEFINED) values, e.g. because an external meter is not available, this causes the Controller to throw an Exception instead of assuming the value is zero. An exception in a Controller sets the RunFailed Fault-channel. Specifically for control of energy storage systems: if no set-point is given, charge/dischare with zero Watt is set as default. Set ActiveConsumptionEnergy of the EVCS. (#1362)
  • Set ActiveConsumptionEnergy of the EVCS.
    • Adapted unit tests due to changes on the Dummy classes. Changed the energy channel acconrding to @StefanFeilmeier 's comments. Set the KEBA hardware maximimum current depending on the dip-switch settings and no longer on the "curr hw" value.
    • Adjust missing corrections. Set State to Not ready for charging if there is no propper connection to the EV and EVCS.
  • UI: History Bug Fixes + General Fixes (#1369)
    • history label time unit adjusts automatically
    • show alias for fixactivepower live widget + disable browser translate
    • remove unsed imports and sort
  • Remove default configurations for JSON/REST and Modbus/TCP Api (#1377, #1272). Thanks @denis-jasselette-jc for bringing that up
  • Lots of improvements and bug fixes for Batteries, Battery-Inverters and Generic-ESS:
    • Soltaro C: replace dummy characteristic (#1364)
    • Fix Generic ESS ErrorHandler: explicitely unset Fault-Channels (#1368)
    • KACO battery inverter: interprete standby mode as stopped state (#1373)
    • Soltaro Battery: fix temperature channels (#1374) change temperature values to signed
    • Battery: improve handling of allowed charge/discharge currents (#1367)
      • implements allowed charge/discharge logic for all soltaro systems including force charge/discharge mode
      • move CellCharacteristic interface to battery api
      • update docs folder
      • move setAllowedCurrents class to Battery API package, create settings for different behaviour
      • add read register for number of modules, add register for setting soc, add cell voltages to debuglog
      • integrate battery protection (allowed currents), adapt modbus protocol, checkstyle
    • Soltaro Single B: fix register address
    • ESS KACO 50: update handling of battery data (#1378)
    • Fix SunSpec: rounding issues with ScaleFactors (#1380)
      • The SunSpec protocol definition uses integer registers with separate scalefactor-definitions in separate registers. Due to the way OpenEMS is setting a register from a Write-Channel, the value was rounded to integer before the scalefactor was applied.
      • This pull request fixes the behaviour by using FloatWriteChannels instead of IntegerWriteChannels for SunSpec registers with scalefactor.
    • Battery-Inverter KACO: improve watchdog handling c9e9e0853b79bc2e98e3e484e9bf1d2e36cce9c1
      • increase watchdog timeout to 60 seconds
      • trigger the watchdog every 10 seconds
    • ESS Generic: improve handling of force charge/discharge corner cases 81dcb84c90c0679013545c4efdecbf1a583abe9b
  • Fix various typos (#1361)

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