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Software Open Access

ggobi/ggally: v2.0.0

Barret Schloerke; François Briatte; Joseph; bigbeardesktop; justsomeone1001; Jason Crowley; Dianne Cook; Eduardo Ibanez; Carson Sievert; Kevin Ogden; Ross; Edward Wallace; Jonathan Gilligan; Trey Spiller; Edwin Thoen; Jakob Richter; Ott Toomet; Marcus W Beck; elbamos; Alexey Sergushichev; André Calero Valdez; Codetrainee; Erwan Le Pennec; Gökçen Eraslan; Heike Hofmann; Simon P. Couch; The Gitter Badger; Vasco Lepori; Yihui Xie; Ben Bolker

New Vignettes New functions

ggbivariate() (@larmarange, #324)

ggtable() (@larmarange, #351)

add_to_ggmatrix() (#362)

  • Add ggplot2 objects to ggmatrix objects at selected locations
  • Locations can be rows, columns, matrices, or other shorthand values.

ggally_autopoint(), ggally_autopointDiag() (@larmarange, #325)

  • Make scatterplots compatible with both continuous and categorical variables using ggforce::geom_autopoint().

ggally_colbar(), ggally_rowbar() (@larmarange, #324)

  • Plot column or row percentage using bar plots.

ggally_count(), ggally_countDiag() (@larmarange, #321)

  • Plot the number of observations by using rectangles with proportional areas.

ggally_cross() (@larmarange, #326)

  • Plot the number of observations by using square points with proportional areas.

ggally_crosstable() (@larmarange, #351)

  • Display a cross-tabulated table.

ggally_statistic() (#327)

  • A generalized version of ggally_cor()
  • Use this method to create functions similar to ggally_cor() that return any text value given and x and y vector of data

ggally_summarise_by() (@larmarange, #325)

  • Display summary statistics of a continuous variable for each value of a discrete variable.

ggally_table() (@larmarange, #326)

  • Plot the number of observations as a table.

ggally_trends() (@larmarange, #333)

  • Plot trends using line plots.

signif_stars() (@larmarange, #327)

  • Return the appropriate number of significance stars as a character vector for the provided numeric input values.
New ggplot2 plot statistics:

stat_cross() (@larmarange, #326)

  • Computes statistics of a 2-dimensional matrix using broom::augment.htest.

stat_prop() (@larmarange, #324)

  • Compute proportions according to custom denominator.

stat_weighted_mean() (@larmarange, #333)

  • Compute the mean of y aesthetic for each unique value of x, taking into account weight aesthetic if provided.
Major updates

ggally_cor() (#327)

  • New implementation using ggally_statistic()
  • Will now hide the grid by default and add a border (displayGrid = FALSE)
  • Added the ability to display significance stars (stars = TRUE)
  • Alignment has been fixed so both short and long names should be displayed within view. alignPercent now corresponds to the center of the text.
  • Added the ability to separate the arguments sent to the title and the groups (title_args and group_args)
  • Digits now represents the total number of digits after the decimal place.
  • To use the old version, change your ggally_cor() function calls to ggally_cor_v1_5().
  • Previously deprecated parameters have been removed


  • Updated to use pkgdown (#335)
Features and bug fixes:

ggpairs() (#331)

  • New proportion argument to control relative size of sub-plots
  • option proportion = "auto" for automatic guess based on the number of levels for discrete variables

ggduo() (#331)

  • New xProportion and yProportion arguments to control relative size of sub-plots
  • Set option xProportion = "auto" and yProportion = "auto" for automatic guess based on the number of levels for discrete variables


  • lowertriangle() now preallocates it's memory usage for a 2-5x speed improvement. (@vlepori, #328)
  • Fixed facet'ing error where the factor order was not preserved. This error caused the facets to be alphabetically sorted, cause plots to appear in unexpected locations. (#355)
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