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Rapid Prototyping of Low-Complexity Orchestrator Targeting CyberPhysical Systems: The Smart-Thermostat Usecase

Charalampos Marantos; Kostas Siozios; Dimitrios Soudris

Recently, a new generation of systems with integrated computational and physical capabilities, also known as CyberPhysical Systems (CPSs), has been introduced. The control of these systems often results in very high-order models imposing great challenges to the analysis and design problems. In the context of this paper, a decision-making mechanism for these systems is proposed. Moreover, we introduce a virtual prototyping framework for the physical implementation and customization of these orchestrators. For evaluation purposes, the introduced solution is applied to design a low-cost smart thermostat in a microgrid environment. Experimental results highlight the superiority of introduced orchestrator, as it achieves comparable performance to state-of-the-art relevant decision-making approaches, but with considerable lower computational and storage complexities.

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