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CURATE! The Digital Curator Game

McCadden, Katie; Schreibmann, Susan; Edmond, Jennifer; Fernie, Kate; Usher, Carol

The CURATE game is designed to be used as an exercise that prompts players to put themselves into digital project scenarios in order to address issues and challenges that arise when institutions engage with digital curation and preservation.

Developed as a means to highlight the importance of training in digital curation among practitioners and managers working in libraries, museums and cultural heritage institutes, the game has been used as a self-assessment tool, a team-building exercise and a training tool for early career students.

The CURATE game package includes:

  • Welcome to CURATE Presentation
  • Game Board (PDF)
  • Game Cards (PDF)
  • About the Game (PDF)
  • Rules (PDF)
  • Record Sheet & Closing Questions (PDF)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (DoC)

The DigCurV project was funded by the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci programme. CURATE is copyright of DigCurV. You are free to share the game and game materials under the following conditions. We ask that you attribute the game to DigCurV and share the game under like conditions. If you wish to establish a translation of the Game and Game materials, or have ideas to build on this work we ask that you contact us to obtain permission and that you distribute any resulting work under a similar licence with the same conditions.
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DigCurV_Welcome_to_CURATE.ppt md5:8abdfe855e3f7aa6a3d5bc7d21480ef5 2.3 MB Download
  • McCadden, Katie, Schreibman, Prof. Susan and Edmond Dr. Jennifer., 2013, The Curate Game, ceur-ws.org/Vol-1016


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