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LepNet: The Lepidoptera of North America Network

Seltmann, Katja C.; Cobb, Neil S.; Gall, Lawrence F.; Bartlett, Charles R.; Basham, M. Anne; Betancourt, Isabelle; Bills, Christy; Brandt, Benjamin; Brown, Richard L.; Bundy, Charles; Caterino, Michael S.; Chapman, Caitlin; Cognato, Anthony; Colby, Julia; Cook, Stephen P.; Daly, Kathryn M.; Dyer, Lee A.; Gelhaus, Nico M. Franz Jon K.; Grinter, Christopher C.; Harp, Charles E.; Hawkins, Rachel L.; Heydon, Steve L.; Hill, Geena M.; Huber, Stacey; Johnson, Norman; Kawahara, Akito Y.; Kimsey, Lynn S.; Kondratieff, Boris C.; Krell, Frank-Thorsten; Leblanc, Luc; Lee, Sangmi

Seltmann, Katja C., Cobb, Neil S., Gall, Lawrence F., Bartlett, Charles R., Basham, M. Anne, Betancourt, Isabelle, Bills, Christy, Brandt, Benjamin, Brown, Richard L., Bundy, Charles, Caterino, Michael S., Chapman, Caitlin, Cognato, Anthony, Colby, Julia, Cook, Stephen P., Daly, Kathryn M., Dyer, Lee A., Gelhaus, Nico M. Franz Jon K., Grinter, Christopher C., Harp, Charles E., Hawkins, Rachel L., Heydon, Steve L., Hill, Geena M., Huber, Stacey, Johnson, Norman, Kawahara, Akito Y., Kimsey, Lynn S., Kondratieff, Boris C., Krell, Frank-Thorsten, Leblanc, Luc, Lee, Sangmi (2017): LepNet: The Lepidoptera of North America Network. Zootaxa 4247 (1): 73-77, DOI:
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