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The First Fermi-LAT Solar Flare Catalog Appendix

Ajello, M; Baldini, L; Bastieri, D; Bellazzini, R; Berretta, A; Bissaldi, E; Blandford, R.D; Bonino, R; Bruel, P; Cameron, R; Caputo, R; Cavazzuti, E; Cheung, C.C; Chiaro, G; Costantin, D; Cutini, S; D'Ammando, F; De Palma, F; Di Lalla, N; Dirirsa, F; Di Venere, L; Fegan, S.J; Fukazawa, Y; Funk, S; Fusco, P; Gargano, F; Gasparrini, D; Giordano, F; Giroletti, M; Green, D; Guirec, S; Hayes, E; Hewitt, J.W; Horan, D; Johannesson, G; Kovac'evic, M; Kuss, M; Larsson, S; Latronico, L; Li, J; Longo, F; Lovellette, M.N; Lubrano, P; Maldera, S; Manfreda, A; Marti-Devesa, G; Mazziotta, M.N; Mereu, I; Michelson, P.F; Mizuno, T; Monzani, M.E; Morselli, A; Moskalenko, I; Negro, M; Omodei, N; Orienti, M; Orlando, E; Paneque, D; Pei, Z; Persic, M; Pesce-Rollins, M; Petrosian, V; Piron, F; Porter, T.A; Principe, G; Racusin, J.L; Raino', S; Rando, R; Rani, B; Razzano, M; Razzaque, S; Reimer, A; Reimer, O; Serini, D; Sgro', C; Siskind, E.J; Spandre, G; Spinelli, P; Tak, D; Troja, E; Valverde, J; Wood, K; Zaharijas, G

We present the appendix of the First Fermi-Large Area Telescope (LAT) Solar flare catalog covering the 24thSolar cycle. The catalog (published in ApJS) contains 45 Fermi-LAT Solar flares (FLSFs) with emission in theγ-ray energy band (30 MeV -10 GeV) detected with a significance ≥5σ over the years 2010-2018. A subsample containing 37 of these flares exhibit delayed emission beyond the prompt-impulsive hard X-ray phase with 21 flares showing delayed emission lasting more than two hours. No prompt-impulsive emission is detected in four of these flares. We also report the first time observations of GeV emission from 3 flares originating from Active Regions located behind the limb (BTL) of the visible Solar disk. We report the light curves, spectra, best proton index and localization (when possible) for all the FLSFs and correlations with Solar multi-wavelength phenomena. The gamma-ray spectra is consistent with the decay of pions produced by >300 MeV protons. The work presented in the First Fermi Solar Flare Catalog contains the largest sample of high-energy gamma-ray flares ever reported and provides the unique opportunity to perform population/correlation studies on the different phases of the flare and thus allowing to open a new window in solar physics.

This work is on behalf of the Fermi Large Area Telescope Collaboration. The First Fermi LAT Solar Flare Catalog has been accepted for publication on ApJS.

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