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NOAFAULTS KMZ layer Version 3.0 (2020 update)

Athanassios Ganas

The NOAFAULTs database of active faults of Greece was first published in 2013 (versions 1.0 & 1.1; The version 2.1 was published in 2018 NOAFAULTs was created towards compiling a digital database of fault geometry and additional attributes (kinematics, slip rate, associated seismicity etc.) primarily to support seismicity monitoring at the National Observatory of Athens (NOA). It has been constructed from published fault maps in peer-reviewed journals since 1972 while the number of the scientific papers that have contributed with fault data in version 3.0 is 114. The standard commercial software ARCGIS has been used to design and populate the database. The fault layer was produced by on-screen digitization of fault traces at the original map-scale and is available through our web portal application supported by ESRI. In this version, a number of 2472 active faults are included. 94% of the active faults are normal faults, 5% are strike-slip faults and only 1% represent the reverse faults. Also, reliable data on slip rates are available for 105 faults. Data on instrumental and historical seismicity are linked to 171 and 114 active faults, respectively. In addition, a) surface-rupturing geological data and b) data on the proximity of epicentres of strong seismic events to the traces of active faults allows the identification of 97 rupturing faults (seismic faults) that included in this version of the database. The NOAFAULTs database shows that nearly 52% of its active faults imply high seismic risk level in the broader area of Greece. These active faults can generate surface faulting or strong ground motions that can cause serious damage to buildings and infrastructures and therefore represent a significant hazard, particularly in the densely populated and industrialized areas of Greece.

The following contributors are gratefully acknowledged: Ms Varvara Tsironi MSc, Ms Elisavet Kollia MSc, Ms Christina Tsimi, MSc Dr. Sotiris Valkaniotis, Mr George Evangelou, Mr Michael Delagas, MSc, Ms Athanassia Oikonomou, Ms Fotini Kounavi MSc, Ms Vasiliki Kanavou, Ms Emmanuella Konstantakopoulou, and Ms Eirini Efstathiou,
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  • Ganas A., Oikonomou I.A. and Tsimi , 2013. NOAfaults: a digital database for active faults in Greece. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece, vol. 47 (2), 518-530, Δελτίο Ε.Γ.Ε., τόμος XLVII - 13o Διεθνές Συνέδριο της Ελληνικής Γεωλογικής Εταιρίας, Χανιά, 5-8 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013 p.518-530,

  • Ganas, A., Tsironi, V., Kollia, E., Delagas, M., Tsimi, Ch., Oikonomou, Ath. 2018. Recent upgrades of the NOA database of active faults in Greece (NOAFAULTs). 19th General Assembly of WEGENER, September 2018, Grenoble,

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