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dockstore/dockstore: 1.10.0

Denis Yuen; Andrew Duncan; Victor Liu; Gary Luu; Brian O'Connor; Charles Overbeck; NatalieEO; Walter Shands; Gregory F J Hogue; Emily Soth; Louise Cabansay; oicr-vchung; Andy Chen; David Steinberg; Peter Amstutz; Kitty Cao; Kathy Tran; Ryan Bautista; nrzhao4; Noah Warren; Chaz Reid; Abraham; C. Titus Brown; Codacy Badger; dockstore-admin; Jonathan Leitschuh; Richard-Hansen; Snyk bot; The Gitter Badger

Highlighted new features include
  • GitHub app support for filters to allow for more control over which tags and branches are automatically reported to Dockstore, more details here
  • can select a specific version of a workflow or tool when adding then to a collection ("I vouch for specifically version X of workflow Y")
  • cwltool updates from 1.0.20190621234233 to 3.0.20200807132242
  • GitHub apps patches for more reliable processing of automatic updates
  • performance improvements for large repositories with lots of branches and tags
  • performance improvments for GA4GH TRS implementation
  • a start to a more consistent visual experience for the site
  • Behind the scenes
    • a large number of deployment and architectural changes to facilitate better security and regulatory compliance
    • updates to elastic search and angular
  • a huge host of bugfixes for everything from WDL parsing, UI display issues, editing of hosted workflows, and command-line interface fixes See a full list of our changes on GitHub
Breaking changes Major
  • none known (or intended anyway)
  • none
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