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California Traffic Collision Data from SWITRS

Gude, Alexander

This data comes from the California Highway Patrol and covers collisions from January 1st, 2001 until mid-October, 2020. I have requested full database dumps from the CHP four times, once in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020. I have combined these datasets into the one presented here. For additional details, see my post: Introducing the SWITRS SQLite Hosted Dataset

There are three main tables:

- `collisions`: Contains information about the collision, where it happened, what vehicles were involved.
- `parties`: Contains information about the groups people involved in the collision including age, sex, and sobriety.
- `victims`: Contains information about the injuries of specific people involved in the collision.

There is also a table called `case_ids` which I used to build the other tables. It tells you which of the four original datasets each row came from.

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