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Synthesis of gold nanostructures using wet chemical deposition in SiO2/Si template

V. D. Bundyukova; D. V. Yakimchuk; A. Kozlovskiy; D. I. Shlimas; D. I. Tishkevich; E. Yu. Kaniukov

The size and interposition of particles is a key parameter for the practical application of metallic nanostructures which requires the development of a synthesis method with precise control over their parameters. In this work the method for the synthesis of gold nanostructures in the pores of silicon dioxide from a gold sulfite complex and a gold chloride solution via wet chemistry technique was proposed. The influence of deposition parameters, such as deposition temperature and electrolyte composition, on the deposit morphology was studied. It was shown that gold agglomerates were unevenly distributed over the silicon surface at high temperatures and practically uniformly distributed with temperature decrease. Addition of fluoric acid at the deposition stage defines the metal precipitation selectivity into the silicon oxide pores. The peculiarities of gold nanostructures formation mechanism were discussed.

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