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Modification of an SiO2(Au)/Si Surface by Irradiation with Argon Ions

V. D. Bundyukova; D. V. Yakimchuk; E. Yu. Kaniukov; D. I. Tishkevich; M. D. Kutuzau; V. V. Prigodich; A. A. Shemukhin; Yu. V. Balakshin; A. V. Nazarov; A. V. Kozhemiako; A. P. Evseev; A. E. Ieshkin

This article presents the results of gold deposition into pores of SiO2/Si matrices and the modifications of the obtained SiO2(Au)/Si systems by irradiation with argon Ar+ ions with an energy of 100 keV with a fluence of 5×10^14 ion/cm2. The effect of irradiation on changes in the surface topography of SiO2(Au)/Si systems and the signal intensity of surface-enhanced Raman scattering during the detection of the model analyte (methylene blue) have been shown.

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