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g4dbr: A database of validated DNA G-quadruplexes structures in native mass spectrometry conditions

Anirban Ghosh; Eric Largy; Valérie Gabelica

This release includes the production-ready g4db application, and a database file gathering 28 G-quadruplex forming sequences.


Creation, vizualisation, and reporting of curated circular dichroism (CD), 1H-NMR, UV-melting and native mass spectrometry (MS) data from oligonucleotides.
g4dbr includes a number of functionalities that can be utilized outside of this scope, i.e.

  • automated or semi-automated data filtering, treatment and labeling,
  • computation of molar extinction coefficient (λ = 260 nm) of oligonucleotides (epsilon.calculator),
  • UV-melting data treatment (meltR),
  • MS data size reduction (mass.diet)
  • Database file selective data deletion (database.eraser)

Main features

  • Vizualisation of CD, UV-melting, 1H-NMR and native MS data gathered in a database (.Rda format)
    • Collapsible and tabulated interface
    • Quick and user-friendly data filtering in tables and figures (e.g. oligonucleotide, buffer, cation, x-axis range,...)
      • Automated buffer list collection
      • Automated tune and replicate collection
    • Control over the database content, display, and reporting (see below)
  • Robust database creation and edition
    • Data imported from a templated Excel files
    • Selective data importing (by e.g. technique/oligo/buffer/data range)
    • Duplicate detection/suppression
    • Automated deposition date and DOI link generation for traceability purpose
    • Manages replication for MS and UV-melting data
    • Manages tuning for MS data
  • Automated data treatment
    • Conversion of CD to molar ellipticities
    • MS data normalization
    • 1H-NMR and MS peak labelling
    • UV-melting data normalization and conversion to folded fraction
    • UV-melting Tm labeling
  • Custom figures
    • Control over colors, size, and transparency of figures
    • Color palettes adapted to qualitative, sequential, and diverging data
    • Switch between overlaid and paneled figures for quick comparisons
    • Control over variables mapped in paneled figures
    • Automated colour mapping to non-paneled variables
    • Automated figure dimension change to accomodate multiple rows
  • Automated report generation
    • Full or SI dedicated reports
    • pdf, HTML and Word formats can be selected
    • All data, figure captions, figure sizing, file name, etc. generated dynamically without user input
  • Open
    • Easy-to-export data tables (practical for standalone data treatment)
    • Import template easy to read in other software

New in release

version 1.0.0

  • Completed database with 28 G-quadruplex forming sequences
  • Minor app corrections

version 0.2.0

  • MS data now also displayed with a zoomed spectrum
    • Focuses on a selected charge state (default: 5-)
  • MS label formatting
  • Database now includes full buffer compositions (including concentrations and pHs)
  • UV-melting plots x-axis and Tm labels switch from Kelvin to °C
  • Minor corrections/enhancements in SI report
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