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Galaxy Zoo DECaLS: Detailed Visual Morphology Measurements from Volunteers and Deep Learning for 314,000 Galaxies

Walmsley, Mike; Lintott, Chris; Tobias, Geron; Kruk, Sandor J; Krawczyk, Coleman; Willett, Kyle; Bamford, Steven; Keel, William; Kelvin, Lee S; Fortson, Lucy; Masters, Karen; Mehta, Vihang; Simmons, Brooke; Smethurst, Rebecca J; Baeten, Elisabeth M L; Macmillan, Christine

This repository contains the data released in the paper "Galaxy Zoo DECaLS: Detailed Visual Morphology Measurements from Volunteers and Deep Learning for 314,000 Galaxies" (DOI to follow on publication).

We release detailed morphology catalogues, both volunteer and automated, for Galaxy Zoo DECaLS.

- gz_decals_volunteers_ab contains volunteer classifications for galaxies classified during the GZD-A and GZD-B campaigns.

- gz_decals_volunteers_c similarly contains classifications from the GZD-C campaign. Note that GZD-C used a modified schema designed to better detect mergers and weak bars, and includes many galaxies with only approx. five volunteer responses.

- gz_decals_auto_posteriors contains the predicted posteriors for volunteer responses to all galaxies used in any campaign, recorded as Dirichlet distribution concentrations. 

- gz_decals_auto_fractions reduces those posteriors to the automated equivalent of previous Galaxy Zoo data releases; the expected vote fractions (mean posteriors). Note that not all vote fractions are relevant for every galaxy; we suggest assessing relevance using the estimated fraction of volunteers that would have been asked each question. In the v0.0.1 release, these are included within the gz_decals_auto_posteriors files.

Each catalogue has a schema of the same name. These are not yet included in the v0.0.1 release.

We also release the galaxy images shown to volunteers on www.galaxyzoo.org. The images on which the automated classifier was trained may be derived from these volunteer-facing images. These are not yet included in the v0.0.1 release.

We will release updates if needed via Zenodo versioning. We recommend using the latest version of this repository. You can check the version you are currently viewing on the right-hand sidebar.

Please cite the paper (DOI to follow on publication) when using the data in this repository.

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