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Pretrained Spec2Vec model (trained on GNPS AllPositive dataset)

Huber, Florian

Pretrained Gensim Word2Vec model for Spec2Vec:

The model was trained for 15 iterations on the "AllPositive" dataset, created from GNPS positive ionmode mass spectra (95320 spectra after filtering) as fully described here https://github.com/iomega/spec2vec_gnps_data_analysis/blob/master/notebooks/iomega-5b-train-spec2vec-model-all-gnps.ipynb. 

Updated version v2:

The former model was difficult to import using the current version of the spec2vec code. This is hence an re-trained model on the same dataset as before. Since the model initiation is inherently randomized, this model will not produce the exact same word vectors (peak vectors).

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