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marcomusy/vedo: 2020.4.1

Marco Musy; Guillaume Jacquenot; Giovanni Dalmasso; neoglez; Ruben de Bruin; Ahinoam Pollack; Federico Claudi; Codacy Badger; icemtel; Bane Sullivan; Daniel Hrisca; Diego Volpatto; Zhi-Qiang Zhou

New in vedo 2020.4.1

  • Fixed pip problem (hopefully solving issue #185 raised by @RizzerOnGitHub)
  • Typo in readme fixed (thanks to @danielhrisca)
  • Global variable settings.collectable_actors is now obsolete and void.
  • Various minor issues have been fixed too.
  • buildAxes() now admits a header title
  • addScalarBar3D() returns self, use self.scalarbar to access the scalarbar object (e.g for scaling, rotating and repositioning it)
  • makeLUT() renamed to buildLUT() with new examples, which includes indicators for NaN's and out of scale values:
  • setTransform() -> applyTransform() accepts now a python or numpy matrix (thanks to @FedeClaudi input)
  • added removePointArray() and removeCellArray() methods
  • added divergence(), vorticity() methods
  • added removePointArray() and removeCellArray() methods (thanks to @Tai-Hsien input)
  • added ask() method to prompt user input from command line
  • added printc(dbg=1) mode to help debugging
  • load() method can load and return normal npy or npz numpy data files
  • clone(deep=True), deep can be False to generate a shallow copy of the obj.
  • polygonize(), create a polygonal Mesh from a Picture by filling regions above a specified threshold
  • flyTo(), fly camera to the specified point.
  • export(), to export scene.npz
  • interpolateDataFrom(), Interpolate over source to port its data onto the current object using various kernels.
  • removed directedgraph.clean() because it's just wrong (might marginally affect @DeepaMahm)
  • added whisker() function to generate whisker-style plots
  • added CSpline class, to generate a Cardinal Spline object.
New examples:

vedo -r interpolateMeshArray vedo -r interpolateScalar1 vedo -r spline_draw vedo -r mesh_lut vedo -r whiskers

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