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gwastro/pycbc: PyCBC release v1.16.11

Alex Nitz; Ian Harry; Duncan Brown; Christopher M. Biwer; Josh Willis; Tito Dal Canton; Collin Capano; Larne Pekowsky; Thomas Dent; Andrew R. Williamson; Gareth S Davies; Soumi De; Miriam Cabero; Bernd Machenschalk; Prayush Kumar; Steven Reyes; Duncan Macleod; dfinstad; Francesco Pannarale; Thomas Massinger; Márton Tápai; Leo Singer; Sumit Kumar; Sebastian Khan; Stephen Fairhurst; Alex Nielsen; SSingh087; shasvath; Bhooshan Uday Varsha Gadre; Iain Dorrington

This is the v1.16.11 release of PyCBC.

This is a point release which contains some extra vetoes around gates and other things which are useful for IMBH searches

A Docker container for this release is available from the pycbc/pycbc-el7 repository on Docker Hub and can be downloaded using the command:

docker pull pycbc/pycbc-el7:v1.16.11

On a machine with CVMFS installed, a pre-built virtual environment is available for Red Hat 7 compatible operating systems by running the command:

source /cvmfs/

A singularity container is available at /cvmfs/ which can be started with the command:

singularity shell --home  ${HOME}:/srv --pwd /srv --bind /cvmfs --contain --ipc --pid /cvmfs/\:v1.16.11

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