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ImperialCollegeLondon/covid19model: Age groups that sustain resurging COVID-19 epidemics in the United States

Swapnil Mishra; Fabian Valka; Christopher Cave-Ayland; Harrison Zhu; Måns Magnusson; bgoodri; Juliette Unwin; Seth Flaxman; Alexandre Payot; hrkulkarMsft; Melodie Monod

Version 9 Release

This is the release related to report 32 and medRxiv paper, where we use age-specific mobility data to estimate the epidemic in the USA by accounting for age-specific heterogeneity. All other code is still the same for previous releases.

To run this code you need to follow the steps listed in the age-specific model here.

The code should be run in full mode to obtain credible results. Not running a full run to estimate anything is not recommended and discouraged. Only a full run should be used to get results.

The instructions for European, Italy, Brazil, USA, Nature, and IFR code are the same as earlier (Look at version 3, version 4, version 5, version 6, version 7, and version 8). This release is specific to report 32.

This release has been checked on macOS Catalina version 10.15.6/7 and Ubuntu version 18.04.2.

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