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CLES evolutionary tracks (alpha-enhanced)

Montalban, Josefina; Noel, Arlette; Scuflaire, Richard

Grid of evolutionary tracks with CLES (Scuflaire et al. 08). Version 19.2 (August 2019).

Initial chemical composition:
- [alpha/Fe]=0.0, +0.1, +0.2, +0.3, +0.4 and, for each alpha enhancement: 23 different values of [Fe/H], from -2.5 to +0.25, with steps of 0.1 or 0.15 dex.
- [alpha/Fe]=-0.1, +0.5, +0.6, eight different values of [Fe/H]: from -1.50 to +0.25 with step 0.25 dex.

There is a directory for each initial chemical composition. Each of them contains the evolutionary track
(from ZAMS to RGB at 25Rsun) for stars with masses between 0.7 and 2.5 Msun (step: 0.02Msun).

1:  age (yrs)
2:  log_Te
3:  log_L_Lsun
4:  Xc central Hydrogen mass fraction
5:  Yc central Helium  mass fraction
6:  X0 Initial Hydrogen mass fraction
7:  Z0 Initial metal mass fraction
8:  Z/Hs metal over H in surface
9:  P0 2*pi**2/Int{N_BV/r*dr} (N_BV Brunt-Vaisala frequency)
10: F0 asymptotic large frequency separation =1/2/Int{dr/c} (c: sound speed)

Input physics:
Reference solar metal mixture: AGSS09
Solar stellar parameters (IAU2015)
Radiative opacity: OPAL at high temperature and  Wichita University opacities at low temperature for the especific chemical composition.        
EoS: Irwin (2003)
Nuclear reaction rates: Adelberg+2011 or Nacre if not available in Adelberg's compilation
Convection:MLT (Cox & Giuli 68), mixing length parameter from solar calibration with same physics.
Extra-mixing: instantaneous overshooting over convective core (extra-mixing size=0.1Hp) and undershooting below convective envelope (extra-mixing size=0.2Hp)
Microscopic diffusion of H and He (Thoul et al. 94)


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