Dataset Open Access

Synthetically Spoken COCO

Grzegorz Chrupała; Lieke Gelderloos; Afra Alishahi

Synthetically Spoken COCO

Version 1.0

This dataset contain synthetically generated spoken versions of MS COCO [1] captions. This
dataset was created as part the research reported in [5].
The speech was generated using gTTS [2]. The dataset consists of the following files:

- dataset.json: Captions associated with MS COCO images. This information comes from [3]. 
- sentid.txt: List of caption IDs. This file can be used to locate MFCC features of the MP3 files
  in the numpy array stored in dataset.mfcc.npy.
- mp3.tgz: MP3 files with the audio. Each file name corresponds to caption ID in dataset.json
  and in sentid.txt.
- dataset.mfcc.npy: Numpy array with the Mel Frequence Cepstral Coefficients extracted from 
  the audio. Each row corresponds to a caption. The order or the captions corresponds to the
  ordering in the file sentid.txt. MFCCs were extracted using [4].


Files (31.6 GB)
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dataset.json md5:b136a751c7bdeb10f715d2cf7e554093 144.2 MB Download
dataset.mfcc.npy md5:e2e35865bf0ef0c1bfec44b97a50a309 23.3 GB Download
mp3.tgz md5:fab24afd1c69811260d0bd534e67db9a 8.1 GB Download
README md5:40a316c2a8cade80050b833c74761260 1.1 kB Download
sentid.txt md5:7e8f7a44398c06429f56f26cba121583 4.2 MB Download


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