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BigDataStack - D2.2 Requirements & State of the Art Analysis – II

Orlando Avila-García; Paula Ta-Shma; Yosef Moatti; Everton Luís Berz; Ana Juan Ferrer; Ana Belén González Méndez; Bernat Quesada; Alberto Soler; Stathis Plitsos; Konstantinos Giannakakis; Amaryllis Raouzaiou; Pavlos Kranas; Sophia Karagiorgou; Panagiotis Gouvas; Anastasios Zafeiropoulos; Dimitris Poulopoulos; Timoleon Labrinos; Stavroula Meimetea; Dimosthenis Kyriazis; Valerio Vianello; Richard McCreadie; Gal Hammer; Miki Kenneth; Luis Tomas; Nikos Drosos; Maurizio Megliola

This is the second version of a series of three deliverables specifying the stakeholder as well as technical (software and technology) requirements for BigDataStack.  In the requirements analysis shown in this document, a top-down approach is taken with respect to the user requirements, which have been collected through the BigDataStack use case providers. This is complemented with a bottom-up approach aiming to identify, collect, and analyse the rest of stakeholder requirements as well as technical requirements from BigDataStack technology providers.

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