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marcomusy/vedo: 2020.4.0

Marco Musy; Guillaume Jacquenot; Giovanni Dalmasso; neoglez; Ruben de Bruin; Ahinoam Pollack; Codacy Badger; Bane Sullivan; Diego Volpatto; Zhi-Qiang Zhou

vedo 2020.4.0

Main changes

  • mesh and volume data is moved from the package to they are downloaded on the fly and cached
  • 14 new polygonized 3D fonts are available, making the old vtk default obsolete Font: Bongas Font: Calco Font: Comae Font: Glasgo Font: Inversionz Font: Kanopus Font: LionelOfParis Font: LogoType (supports Russian, Japanese and Chinese chars) Font: Normografo Font: Quikhand Font: SmartCouric Font: Theemim Font: VictorMono

    Default font is Normografo, can be changed with e.g. settings.useDefaultFont = "Theemim"

    Latex-like syntax is supported in Text() allowing to use Greek and math symbols in axes and plot titles: Type vedo -r fonts to generate the above tables.


  • Ruler(): create a 3D ruler to indicate the distance of two points
  • buildRulerAxes(): a new axis style (7) formed by 3 rulers
  • many improvements to default axis style 1
  • New axis style 11: generates a thin lined square floor


  • show(..., newplotter=True) -> show(..., new=True)
  • added methods: render(), resetCamera() and backgroundColor(c1, c2, at)
  • can now change transparency using arrow keys instead of "m,./" Pressing -+ cycles through available axes styles.


  • added resampleArrays()
  • systemReport()
  • class dotdict: A dictionary supporting dot notation.
  • trimesh2vtk() -> trimesh2vedo() (check @YimingXu1213)
  • vtk2trimesh() -> vedo2trimesh()


  • can now save and load object transformation to .mat file

mesh and pointclouds:

  • coloring with pointColors() and cellColors() is merged into method cmap()
  • meshes can be described by new vignette() and caption()
  • useBounds() tells the camera to keep inot account mesh when resetting
  • added gradient() to return the gradient of the input scalar as numpy array


  • convexHull() -> ConvexHull()
  • added VedoLogo() to generate the 3D logo of the package
  • major improvements to Text()


  • new or updated examples are: vedo -r isolines vedo -r silhouette2 (thanks to @zhouzq-thu ) vedo -r meshquality vedo -r mesh_smoother2 vedo -r vpolyscope (needs pip install polyscope) vedo -r flag_labels vedo -r customAxes vedo -r fonts3d vedo -r scatter2 vedo -r scatter3 vedo -r covid19 vedo -r caption

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