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Simulated datasets

Kaushal, Akhilesh; Zhang, Hongmei

Thesis supervisor(s)

Zhang, Hongmei

Six simulated data sets used in the manuscript. The name of each data set specifies the simulation scenario. For example "simul_2016_imp150_correl0.0.csv" specifies that data was generated under scenario 1 (correlation of 0.0) of which 150 CpG sites were associated with covariates of interest and a set of latent variables, and the remaining 1850 CpG sites were only associated with the latent variables. This file contains 100 data sets generated using different seed,  each data set consists of 2000 CpG sites and 1 primary covariate for 600 samples.

Likewise file with the name "simul_2016_imp150_correl0.7.csv" specifies that data was generated under scenario 2 (correlation of 0.7).

Files (12.4 GB)
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simul_2016_imp100_correl0.0.csv md5:fbd917a845c4f31b2c0fdeb645790582 2.1 GB Download
simul_2016_imp100_correl0.7.csv md5:99291efa2376b97547a01ca8932e4dae 2.1 GB Download
simul_2016_imp150_correl0.0.csv md5:fc51b3b50182f1ff3ce67eed26818b85 2.1 GB Download
simul_2016_imp150_correl0.7.csv md5:1ddfc2f9523f9de76bd679e9fc938b32 2.1 GB Download
simul_2016_imp50_correl0.0.csv md5:8982aa347d27a283b3ff1ef3ce809a93 2.1 GB Download
simul_2016_imp50_correl0.7.csv md5:f4398d83adabe88058cf39480b52b8b7 2.1 GB Download


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