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Computational Implementation of "Uncoupling electrokinetic flow solutions", published in Mathematical Geosciences

Kuhlman, Kristopher L.; Malama, Bwalya

This dataset includes Python and Mathematica scripts used to generate figures, and images used in the Mathematical Geosciences (MG) manuscript "Uncoupling Electrokinetic Flow Solutions" by Kuhlman and Malama (2020).

Python scripts implementing eigenvalue uncoupling approach for differential equations governing 1D cylindrically symmetric electrokinetic flow problem (i.e., flow to a pumping well).

  1. mpmath python script ( implementing Theis "type curve" solution for an infinite domain (Figures 1-3 in MG manuscript)
  2. fipy python script ( and plotting script ( showing a finite-volume fully coupled solution for a similar finite domain for comparison against eigenvalue uncoupling approach (Figure 4 in MG manuscript). Also includes two shell scripts for driving python scripts for a variety of inputs.

mathematica script (periodic-1D-steady-state-type-1.nb) for solving the algebra associated with the governing equations and plotting figures for analytical solution of periodically driven 1D solution (i.e., laboratory sinusoidal streaming potential and electroosmosis; Figures 4-9 in MG manuscript).


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