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WACA WiFi 5-GHz dataset (Camp Nou only)

Sergio Barrachina-Muñoz; Boris Bellalta; Edward Knightly

This folder contains ONLY the Camp Nou campaign included in the dataset presented in "Sergio Barrachina-Muñoz, Boris Bellalta, and Edward Knightly. 2020. Wi-Fi All-Channel Analyzer. WinTech (2020)".

Please, refer to the GitHub repository for more details:

*** Dataset structure ***
The dataset is composed of 11 scenarios, each with a corresponding folder (campaign duration within brackets):
- 1_RVA: Rice Village Apartments, Houston; Apartment; 15th February 2019; 9600 iterations (~1 day)
- 2_RNG: Rice Networks Group, Houston; Campus office; 19th February 2019; 8750 iterations (~1 day)
- 3_TFA: Technology for All, Houston; Community center; 20th February 2019; 8609 iterations (~1 day)
- 4_FLO: Flo Paris (at Rice Village), Houston; Cafe; 23rd February 2019; 413 iterations (~1 hour)
- 5_VIL: Rice Village parking lot, Houston; Shopping mall; 23rd February 2019; 125 iterations (~20 min)
- 6_FEL: La Sagrera neighborhood, Barcelona; Apartment; 25th March 2019; 59500 iterations (~1 week)
- 7_WNO: Wireless Networking, Barcelona; Campus office; 3rd April 2019; 9600 iterations (~1 day)
- 8_22A: 22@ neighborhood, Barcelona; Office area; 2nd July 2019; 9600 iterations (~1 day)
- 9_GAL: Hotel Gallery, Barcelona; Downtown hotel; 10th July 2019; 9706 iterations (~1 day)
- 10_SAG: Sagrada Familia, Barcelona; Apartment; 11th February 2019; 38192 iterations (~4 days)
- 11_FCB: Camp Nou stadium, Barcelona; Futbol (soccer) Stadium; 4th August; 2001 iterations (~ 5 hours)

*** File format ***
- RSSI measurements are stored in .mat files inside each scenario folder.
- .mat files are named "it<iteration number>_<mm-dd-yy>_<hh:mm:ss>.mat". For instance file "it0251_02-19-19_08-03-09.mat" refers to iteration number 251, initiated on 19th February 2019 at 08:03:09.
- Every .mat file contains 24 arrays 10000x1, one per basic channel, where the ith element represents the RSSI value at sample i (of duration 10 microseconds) inside the iteration (of duration 1 second).
- The RSSI value is given in the units of the MAX2829 transceiver (10-bit values). Please, refer to the transceiver datasheet or to our GitHub repository to see how to convert from 10-bit values to dBm.
- Finally, every scenario folder also contains the "experiment_general.mat". This file is auxiliary and contains different constants of interest related to the configuration of the campaigns.

*** How do I process the dataset? ***
We provide the RSSI measurements for every channel in every scenario. You may generate a Matlab snippet to process the data. Nevertheless, the Matlab code we used in the paper "Sergio Barrachina-Muñoz, Boris Bellalta, and Edward Knightly. 2020. Wi-Fi All-Channel Analyzer. WinTech (2020)" can be found in the GitHub repository.

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