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librosa/librosa: 0.8.0

Brian McFee; Vincent Lostanlen; Alexandros Metsai; Matt McVicar; Stefan Balke; Carl Thomé; Colin Raffel; Frank Zalkow; Ayoub Malek; Dana; Kyungyun Lee; Oriol Nieto; Jack Mason; Dan Ellis; Eric Battenberg; Scott Seyfarth; Ryuichi Yamamoto; Keunwoo Choi; viktorandreevichmorozov; Josh Moore; Rachel Bittner; Shunsuke Hidaka; Ziyao Wei; nullmightybofo; Darío Hereñú; Fabian-Robert Stöter; Pius Friesch; Adam Weiss; Matt Vollrath; Taewoon Kim

First release of the 0.8 series.

Major changes include:

  • Removed support for Python 3.5 and earlier.
  • Added pitch tracking (yin and pyin)
  • Variable-Q transform
  • Hindustani and Carnatic notation support
  • Expanded collection of example tracks
  • Numerous speedups and bugfixes

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