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Anatomically Detailed Human Atrial FE Meshes

Augustin, Chistoph M.; Fastl, Thomas E.; Neic, Aurel; Bellini, Chiara; Whitaker, John; Rajani, Ronak; O'Neill, Mark D.; Bishop, Martin J.; Plank, Gernot; Niederer, Steven A.

The left atrium (LA) has a complex anatomy with heterogeneous wall thickness and curvature. We include 3 patient-specific anatomical FE meshes with rule-based myofiber directions of each of the anatomies included in our study ("The impact of wall thickness and curvature on wall stress in patient-specific electromechanical models of the left atrium", BMMB, 2020,
Additionally we include
- a model with Gaussian noise added (mean 0 um , standard deviation 100 um) to the initial geometry of patient case 3 and subsequently smoothed using ParaView; and 
- a mesh with a constant wall thickness of 0.5 mm generated based on the endocardial surface of patient case 3.

The meshes are given in VTK file format (.vtu) and in the binary format used for the Cardiac Arrhythmia Research Package simulator, see and Here, for each of the geometries, we include a list of nodal coordinates (.bpts file), a list of triangular elements (.belem file), fiber fields (.blon file), surface files (*.surf files), and surface points (*.surf.vtx files).
Surface files include the endocardium (, the epicardium (, the mitral valve ring (, the pulmonary outlet rings ( and lids (lid*.vtx) to close the five in- and outlets of the LA.

Using the open source mesh utiliy "MeshTool" (
meshes can be manipulated or converted to VTK or EnSight file formats.

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