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Effects of cycle and treadmill desks on energy expenditure and cardiometabolic parameters in sedentary workers: review and meta-analysis

Podrekar, Nastja; Kozinc, Žiga; Šarabon, Nejc

Purpose. The aim of this article was to evaluate the effects of cycle and treadmill desks on energy expenditure and car- diovascular and biochemical indicators in sedentary workers. Materials and methods. In February 2018, six databases were searched. Both parallel and crossover design studies evaluating workplace cycle and treadmill desks compared to a conventional seated condition were included. Results. Twenty-two studies met the inclusion criteria. Cycle and tread- mill desks significantly increased energy expenditure (standard mean difference [SMD] = 3.84, p < 0.001, I 2 = 95%) and the heart rate (SMD = 1.68, p < 0.001, I 2 = 91%), and lowered blood glucose and insulin levels (SMD = –0.54, p < 0.001, I 2 = 0% and SMD = –3.13, p < 0.001, I 2 = 76%, respectively). The interventions had no effect on blood pres- sure and other biochemical indicators. Conclusion. Cycle and treadmill desks may positively influence energy expenditure in sedentary workers and could be effective for reducing negative effects of workplace-related sedentary behaviour. However, considerable heterogeneity is present in the measuring protocols for energy expenditure.

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