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sphinx-gallery/sphinx-gallery: Release v0.7.0

Óscar Nájera; Eric Larson; Loïc Estève; Gael Varoquaux; Lucy Liu; Jaques Grobler; Elliott Sales de Andrade; Chris Holdgraf; Alexandre Gramfort; Mainak Jas; Joel Nothman; Olivier Grisel; Nelle Varoquaux; Emmanuelle Gouillart; Martin Luessi; Antony Lee; Jake Vanderplas; Tim Hoffmann; Thomas A Caswell; Bane Sullivan; Alyssa Batula; jaeilepp; Thomas Robitaille; Stefan Appelhoff; Patrick Kunzmann; Matthias Geier; Lars; Kyle Sunden; Dominik Stańczak; Albert Y. Shih

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • ENH: Use Sphinx errors #690 (larsoner)
  • ENH: Add support for FuncAnimation #687 (larsoner)
  • Sphinx directive to insert mini-galleries #685 (ayshih)
  • Provide a Sphinx directive to insert a mini-gallery #683
  • ENH Add cross ref label to template module.rst #680 (lucyleeow)
  • ENH: Add show_memory extension API #677 (larsoner)
  • Support for GPU memory logging #671
  • ENH Add alt attribute for thumbnails #668 (lucyleeow)
  • ENH More informative 'alt' attribute for thumbnails in index #664
  • ENH More informative 'alt' attribute for images #663 (lucyleeow)
  • ENH: Use optipng when requested #656 (larsoner)
  • thumbnails cause heavy gallery pages and long loading time #655
  • MAINT: Better error messages #600
  • More informative "alt" attribute for image tags #538
  • ENH: easy linking to "examples using my_function" #496
  • sub-galleries should be generated with a separate "gallery rst" file #413
  • matplotlib animations support #150

Fixed bugs:

  • Add backref label for classes in module.rst #688 (lucyleeow)
  • Fixed backreference inspection to account for tilde use #684 (ayshih)
  • Fix regex for numpy RandomState in test_full #682 (lucyleeow)
  • fix tests regex to search for numpy data in html #681
  • FIX: Fix sys.stdout patching #678 (larsoner)
  • check-manifest causing master to fail #675
  • Output of logger is not captured if the logger is created in a different cell #672
  • FIX: Remove newlines from title #669 (larsoner)
  • BUG Tinybuild autosummary links fail with Sphinx dev #659


Closed issues:

  • intersphinx links need backreferences_dir #467

Merged pull requests:

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