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Production networks and epidemic spreading: How to restart the UK economy?

Pichler, Anton; Pangallo, Marco; del Rio-Chanona, R. Maria; Lafond, François; Farmer, J. Doyne

Reproduction code and data for Pichler, Pangallo, del Rio-Chanona, Lafond, Farmer (2020): Production networks and epidemic spreading: How to restart the UK economy?

Folder description:

- code:
This folder contains the basic scripts to construct the initialisation data and to run the economic model.
    * 0_basic_data_uk_55sectors.R organises the WIOD ( data
    * 1_first_order_shocks_55sectors.R organises the first-order shock data which is mostly adapted from
    * model_functions.R contains the economic model
    * model_initialization.R initialises the baseline setup of the model
    * main_55sectors is a sample run of the baseline model

- data:
This folder contains various data which is needed to initialise the model. For example, the folder contains the relevant WIOD data, the IHS Markit survey results, inventory data, ...

- analysis:
This folder contains all scripts to reproduce the R-generated results of the paper which are organized in topic-subfolders.

- results:
This folder contains all results like figures and output data is saved under topic-subfolders. By default, all analysis scripts are saving output into the results folder.

- shiny_model:
This folder contains code to run the model as interactive shiny app (see for up-to-date version)

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