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ReCreating Europe Webinar: Public and Private Regulatory Framework of Online Intermediaries

Quintais, João Pedro; Mezei, Peter; Harkai, Istvan; Magalhães, João Carlos; Katzenbach, Christian; Schwemer, Sebastian Felix

Technologies enable unprecedented democratization of cultural practices and the production and use of intellectual property. The creation of an effective system of sustainable norms for digital copyright is a major challenge due to four phenomena: copyright complexity, sidestepping, knowledge gap, and awareness gap. 

With its multi-disciplinary approach, bringing together researchers, practitioners and stakeholders, reCreating Europe, a recently launched EU Horizon 2020-founded project, will deliver ground-breaking contributions towards a clear understanding of what makes a regulatory framework that promotes culturally diverse production, and optimizes inclusive access and consumption.

This online workshop is organized by Work Package 6 ("Intermediaries") of the ReCreating Europe project. WP6 focuces on the public and private regulatory framework of online intermediaries, with a special focus on the Copyright in Digital Single Market Directive, Member States' regulations as well as the private ordering of intermediaries. The work package intends to follow a comparative legal and social sciences & humanities approach.

Researchers are keen to analyse intermediaries' role (rights and duties) in enhancing lawful consumption of protected subject matters online and in tackling infringing user behaviours. In this workshop, we will share and discuss the research findings of the WP6 members so far. 


João Pedro Quintais is a Postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, Institute for Information Law (IViR), where he focuses on information law matters, including intellectual property and the application of copyright in the online environment, intermediary liability and the  regulation of new technologies. He also leads ReCreating Europe's Work Package 6 focusing on intermediaries and copyright.

João Carlos Magalhães is a postdoctoral researcher at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, in Berlin. His research focusses on the relationship between datafication and democracy, with a particular emphasis on how digital platforms govern and can be governed. 

Christian Katzenbach is a Senior Researcher at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin, and head of the research group 'Digital Society’. In his work, he addresses the intersection of technology, communication and governance with a particular interest in platform governance and discourses of artificial intelligence.

Sebastian Felix Schwemer is Associate Professor at the Centre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR) at the University of Copenhagen and works at the intersection of regulation and technology.

Peter Mezei is a habilitated associate professor of the Institute of Comparative Law and Legal Theory at the Faculty of Law of the University of Szeged. He focuses in his research and education on comparative, digital and international copyright law.

Istvan Harkai is an assistant lecturer of the Institute of Comparative Law and Legal Theory at the Faculty of Law of the University of Szeged. He is a Ph.D candidate, his dissertation is dedicated to the copyrigt economic rights in the age of Internet.

The recording of the webinar is available on Youtube:

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