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eXtended Custom Silicone Mask Attack Dataset (XCSMAD)

Kotwal, Ketan; Bhattacharjee, Sushil; Marcel, Sébastien


The eXtended Custom Silicone Mask Attack Dataset (XCSMAD) consists of 535 short video recordings of both bona fide and presentation attacks (PA) from 72 subjects. The attacks have been created from custom silicone masks. Videos have been recorded in RGB (visual spectra), near infrared (NIR), and thermal (LWIR) channels.

A complete preprocessed data for the aforementioned videos and bona fide images (as a part of experiments related to vulnerability assessment) have been provided to facilitate reproducing experiments from the reference publication, as well as to conduct new experiments. The details of preprocessing can be found in the reference publication.

The implementation of all experiments described in the reference publication is available at


Experimental protocols

The reference publication considers two experimental protocols: grandtest and cross-validation (cv). For a frame-level evaluation, 50 frames from each video have been used in both protocols. For the grandtest protocol, videos were divided into train, dev, and eval groups. Each group consists of unique subset of clients. (The videos corresponding to any specific subjects in one group are a part of single group).

For cross-validation (cv) experiments, a 5-fold protocol has been devised. Videos from XCSMAD have been split into 5 folds with non-overlapping clients. Using these five partitions, 5 testprotocols (cv0, · · · , cv4) have been created such that in each protocol, four of the partitions are used for training, and the remaining one is used for evaluation.



If you use this dataset, please cite the following publication:

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