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Example data and R-code to create various graphs

Goedhart, J.

Two datasets (.csv) contain example data, that was used to generate a number of different graphs, as shown in the animated GIF (Animation-bar_box.gif). The accompanying text file (R-commands-for-plot.txt) contains the commands that can be used to generate the graphs, using R/Rstudio.

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Animation-bar_box.gif md5:dbbe29348b5df3cf7e459c001532f6f7 2.3 MB Download
Data_summary.csv md5:c08bd332d4dabe9515b2cdc69a3e5e09 304 Bytes Download
Data_tidy.csv md5:c3dd2681afc864ceab333557d9417bd1 3.9 kB Download
R-commands-for-plot.txt md5:19f4f7ad57d6d553311a2494e72c8559 4.6 kB Download


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