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The Paper and The Data:  Authors, Reviewers, and Editors Webinar on Updated Journal Practices for Data (and Software)

Stall, Shelley; Townsend, Randy; Robinson, Erin

Brewer, Peter; Gries, Corinna; Smith, Colin; Allen, Alice; Fenner, Martin

The Paper and The Data workshop was first presented at the Ocean Science meeting held in February 2020.  Following that conference it was updated and presented as five recorded modules for the purpose of sharing broadly. 


Module 1: Introduction (Video)

  • Challenges with Accessing Data
  • AGU Data Position Statement
  • Recommendations from the NAS
  • Updated Journal Guidelines
  • Benefits for Sharing Data/Software

Module 2: Data (Video)

  •   What Data  
  •   What Repository
  •   Availability Statement
  •   Citation
  •   Examples

Module 3: Software (Video)

  •   What Software
  •   Availability Statement
  •   Citation
  •   Github?  Nope.  But now what?
  •   Examples 

Module 4: Peer Review (Video)

  •   Recommendation from AGU
  •   Examples

Module 5: Persistent Identifiers (Video)

  •   ORCID, DOI…
  •   PID Graph


Thank you to the following people/organizations who have contributed content, slides, or generally to the development of this material: Peter Brewer (MBARI), Research Data Alliance, Corinna Gries (EDI), Colin Smith (EDI), Alice Allen (, FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation Group, Martin Fenner (DataCite).
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