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Biomedical preprints per month, by source and as a fraction of total literature

Polka, Jessica K.; Penfold, Naomi C.

This is a snapshot of a Google sheet containing counts of biomedical preprints by source and as a fraction of the total biomedical literature through 2020-03.

Note: this does not yet include 6,000 preprints on relevant OSF platforms.

Data sources

arXiv q-bio, PeerJ Preprints, and bioRxiv counts through 2018-12 were sourced from Jordan Anaya's PrePubMed. Following that, arXiv q-bio counts were sourced from arXiv statistics, and PeerJ Preprints and bioRxiv counts were taken from searches of EuropePMC.

All counts from F1000 & Open Research platforms,, ChemRxiv, medRxiv, and total biomedical literature were taken from searches of EuropePMC.

Counts for Research Square are derived from Crossref. Counts for the Lancet and Sneak Peek were taken from web searches.

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  • Anaya (2018): PrePubMed.

  • Penfold and Polka (2019): Preprints in biology as a fraction of the biomedical literature. 10.5281/zenodo.3256298

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