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Articulatory Binding


The principles of coordination which have been devised so far in nonlinear phonological models are largely formal in nature. They include one-to-one, left-to-right mapping (Goldsmith 1976, Clements & Ford 1979), the projection of P-bearing units (Clements & Sezer 1982), the no-crossing prohibition (Goldsmith 1976, Kenstowicz 1982, Sagey 1986), geminate integrity (Schein & Steriade 1986) or inalterability (Hayes 1986), the obligatory contour principle (Leben 1978, McCarthy 1986), and the shared feature convention (Steriade 1982).

Parallel principles for coordinating articulations in the plans speakers employ in producing speech must also be discovered (see Browman & Goldstein 1985, 1986, to appear for other proposals). This paper presents such a phonetic principle of coordination, which constrains when glottal articulations in consonants occur relative to oral ones.

I refer to these constraints as "binding".

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