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Perception of Features in the Identification of English Consonants

Doeleman, Tobey Lynn

Perception of voicing, manner, and place of articulation was investigated in two gating

  • In Experiment I, subjects identified the English consonants [p, t, b, d, f, s,v, z] presented in six different gated conditions. Results were analyzed in terms of correct identification of the consonants and each of the features, and in terms of information transmission.
  • In Experiment 2, subjects were presented with two mutually exclusive sets of the same stimuli such that information about a particular feature was given (e.g. voicing given in sets [p, t, f, s] and [b, d, v, z]).

The results showed that the subjects given place information had significantly higher identification scores than the subjects given manner information or the subjects in Experiment I.

This suggests a privileged status for place information such that it can reduce ambiguities in voicing and manner and facilitate identification of these consonants.

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