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John MacFarlane; Jesse Rosenthal; Albert Krewinkel; Alexander Krotov; Matthew Pickering; Mauro Bieg; Andrew Dunning; Nikolay Yakimov; Kolen Cheung; Yan Pashkovsky; Václav Haisman; Marc Schreiber; Nathan Gass; Fedor Sheremetyev; Brian Leung; Thomas Hodgson; Mark Wright; Francesco Occhipinti; Joseph C. Sible; Ophir Lifshitz; Hubert Plociniczak; Pascal Wagler; Daniel Bergey; Aditya Mahajan; Jose Luis Duran; Agustín Martín Barbero; Xavier Olive; Hamish Mackenzie; David Lazar; Henry de Valence

Click to expand changelog - Markdown reader: Fix table alignment when heading begins with t (#6153). Due to a typo (`t` instead of `\t`) we were center aligning column headings that begin with a lowercase `t`\! - Text.Pandoc.Readers.Roff: - Fix parsing of `\.` in man/ms readers (#6175). Previously due to a typo it was being parsed as `` ` ``. - Fix parsing of `\'` in man/ms readers (#6175). It was being parsed as a backtick. - Jira reader (Albert Krewinkel): - Fix parsing of tables without preceding blankline (#6198). A bug was fixed which caused faulty parsing if a table was not preceded by a newline and the first table cell had no space after the initial `|` characters. - Fix parsing of strikeout, emphasis (#6196). A bug was fixed which caused non-emphasized text containing digits and/or non-special symbols (like dots) to sometimes be parsed incorrectly. - Support colored inline text, indented lists (#6183, #6184). - Ms writer: - Fix definition lists so indent even when paragraph indent is set to 0 (as is the default). Also ensure indent for display math that falls back to TeX. - Use `.QS/.QE` instead of `.RS/.RE` for block quotes. - EPUB writer: fix regression on detection of front/back/bodymatter (#6170). This bug caused sections with epub:type `dedication` to be misplaced in bodymatter instead of frontmatter as specified in the manual. The same problem would affect other epub:types. The pattern matching needed to be changed with the use of `makeSection`. - AsciiDoc writer: remove redundant `otherwise` guard in `inlineToAsciiDoc` (#6146, Ryan Scott). - Text.Pandoc.Class: - Fix missing import when data files are not embedded (Albert Krewinkel). - Subdivide Text.Pandoc.Class into small unexported modules and ensure that all functions have Haddock documentation (#6106, Albert Krewinkel). - Finer grained imports of Text.Pandoc.Class submodules (#6203, Albert Krewinkel). - Text.Pandoc.XML: Add to list of HTML5 attributes: `allow`, `autocapitalize`, `decoding`, `enterkeyhint`, `imagesizes`, `imagesrcset`, `loading`. - Use implicit Prelude (#6187, Albert Krewinkel). The previous behavior was introduced as a fix for #4464. It seems that this change alone did not fix the issue, and `stack ghci` and `cabal repl` only work with GHC 8.4.1 or newer, as no custom Prelude is loaded for these versions. Given this, it seems cleaner to revert to the implicit Prelude. - Always use custom prelude (#6187, Albert Krewinkel). Previously, the custom prelude was used only with older GHC versions, as a workaround for problems with ghci. The ghci problems are resolved by replacing package `base` with `base-noprelude`, allowing for consistent use of the custom prelude across all GHC versions. - Remove outdated checks for no longer supported base versions (Albert Krewinkel). - PDF via wkhtmltopdf: put user-specified options last (#6171). Certain options (e.g. `cover`) need to come after flags on the command line. - Text.Pandoc.App: set resource path at the beginning so it can affect things like include-in-header (#5982). - Change macOS release candidate CI process so that notarized packages can be produced (#6169). - Make MANUAL more explicit about nonbreaking space handling by `all_symbols_escapable` (#6154, Fabien Schurter). - trypandoc (Mike Tzou): - Add checkbox for standalone option (#6189). - Use strict mode for JavaScript code (#6188). - Fetch resources over https (#6188). - Remove unnecessary attributes on style, script elements (#6188). - Use details tag to make GitHub releases changelog collapsible. - Update filter code in doc/ so it works with latest pandoc (#6185). - linux/Dockerfile: upgrade to alpine 3.11 (#6180, Albert Krewinkel). This is used to build the static linux binaries.

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