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Hydrogen Bonding As The Mechanism That Neutralizes H2O Polarity: A Unique Perspective On The Transition Between The Liquid And Solid States Of Water

McGinn, James

This paper introduces a theoretical breakthrough: H2O molecules collectively neutralize their own polarity through hydrogen bonding. Dual (symmetric) bonds fully neutralize polarity, allowing for the low viscosity (high fluidity) of liquid water. Singular (asymmetric) bonds neutralize only one half.  Thus, situational factors that remove or inhibit the attachment of one of the duo of weak bonds associated with symmetrically coordinated hydrogen bonds effectively activates the polarity that underlies the structural rigidity and electromagnetic forces evident in ice and surface tension.

Allow me to suggest how you can quickly make a determination about the significance of this paper. Before you read the Abstract or the Introduction, turn to page 7 and read the first paragraph in the section entitled, The Mechanism. (If it’s not perfectly clear what is being stated in this paragraph you might then read the four paragraphs that precede it, starting on page 6, which discuss the molecular basis of polarity and then read the paragraph again.) This is the heart of this paper. It is also, I contend, the heart of the paradoxical nature of water, a subject that is increasingly of great interest and some degree of controversy amongst those that study it. I am highly confident that the thinking in this paragraph, as well as the rest of the paper, is sound and, therefore, represents a significant breakthrough. However, if yourself or any of the reviewers think I am somehow mistaken in this regard I would only request that you be as explicit as possible explaining your reasoning—especially with respect to this mechanism. Please make an effort to base your judgement on empirical factors. If there is any hesitation you might then skip to page 17 and read the first paragraph there that addresses objections to this mechanism. Lastly, you might go to page 18 and read the one paragraph in the section with the heading, Some Resolution to The Strangeness of Water. This should give you a sense of its wider significance.
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