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rstudio/learnr: v0.10.1

J.J. Allaire; Barret Schloerke; Robby Shaver; Kevin Ushey; Barbara Borges Ribeiro; Angela Li; Andrie de Vries; Jeff Allen; Irene Steves; Greg Wilson; Garrett Grolemund; Yihui Xie; Adam Blake; Sheila Braun; Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel; Luke W Johnston; Kirill Müller; Joe Cheng; Hao Zhu; Devin Pastoor

learnr 0.10.1 New features Minor new features and improvements
  • learnr gained the function learnr::tutorial_package_dependencies(), used to enumerate a tutorial's R package dependencies. Front-ends can use this to ensure a tutorial's dependencies are satisfied before attempting to run that tutorial. learnr::available_tutorials() gained the column package_dependencies containing the required packages to run the document. (#329)

  • Include vignette about publishing learnr tutorials on

  • learnr's built-in tutorials now come with a description as part of the YAML header, with the intention of this being used in front-end software that catalogues available learnr tutorials on the system. (#312)

  • Add session_start and session_stop events. (#311)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where broken exercise code created non-"length-one character vector". (#311)

  • Fixed extra parameter documentation bug for CRAN. (#323)

  • Fixed video initialization error caused by a jQuery version increase in Shiny. (#326)

  • Fixed progressive reveal bug where the next section would not be displayed unless refreshed. (#330)

  • Fixed a bug where topics would not be loaded if they contained non-ascii characters. (#330)

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