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pyGSTio/pyGSTi: Version 0.9.9

Erik; Lucas Saldyt; Rob; Jonathan Gross; tjproct; kmrudin; Travis L. Scholten; msarovar; kevincyoung; Robin Blume-Kohout; pyIonControl; David Nadlinger

A significant update that adds, primarily, a high-level API for running protocols on quantum processors. Here's a list of the main changes and enhancements:

  • adds a new API which centers around Protocol objects, and makes it easier to run one or multiple protocols on a many-qubit quantum processor. See the new 00-Protocols.ipynb tutorial for more details.
  • more gauge-invariant metrics are available within reports.
  • new benchmarking protocols, including volumetric benchmarks and mirror randomized-benchmarking.
  • improvements to multi-qubit GST capabilities.
  • performance improvements, particularly in the area of working with large data-sets.
  • HTML reports have been updated to by default use a new AJAX-free framework that eliminates many of the browser compatibility problems that users experienced in the past.
  • Python version 2 support has been dropped. Python 3.5 and higher are now the only python versions pyGSTi officially supports.
  • the root package directory has been updated for greater simplicity and standardization with other packages. If you "install" new pyGSTi versions by running "git pull", you'll also need to run pip -e install . again or you'll get a warning message the pyGSTi cannot be found.
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